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Theophilus A. Wylie papers, 1814-1992, bulk 1830-1895

Series: Box 8 Writings and publications, 1828-1890, 1814-1992

A Ballad, "Date many years ago" [image]View item(s)

"Campbell,” - meaning of the name, Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

“Do Not Suffer Me to Go” (poem), August 1849 [image]View item(s)

“Essay On the Propriety of Excluding Foreigners from all Participation in the Political Affairs of the Commonwealth,” circa 1860  [image]View item(s)

“Essay on the Utility of Classical Literature,” undated [image]View item(s)

From Scientific Intelligence, "Teeth and Bones of Elephas primogenius, lately found near the western fork of White River, in Monroe County, Indiana; communicated by Prof. T.A. Wylie, circa 1860 [image]View item(s)

Greek, undated [image]View item(s)

Greek Exercise, "An exercise written when a boy in father's school, I believe about the year 1826 or 27. T. A. Waylie, 1890." circa 1826 [image]View item(s)

“History of the Church During the VI Century,” undated [image]View item(s)

“Interesting Report of Prof. Wylie, of the State University,” Indianapolis Journal, 23 July 1869 [image]View item(s)

Latin inscription [image]View item(s)

"Copy of inscription sent by W.S. Hooper of Shelbyville, Ill Mar 7 '89 to Prof Atwater. Prof. A. gave it to me to try what I could make of it. Am sorry I did not retain my translation."

Miscellaneous, undated [image]View item(s)

Poetry, Fragments, undated [image]View item(s)

Poem, "Behold Two Crowns..."circa 1850 [image]View item(s)

Reminiscence about early Bloomington, undated [image]View item(s)

Reminiscence about a cotton machine, Undated [image]View item(s)

“There are Different Ways of Telling Whether a Person is a Gentleman,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“Two Crowns” (poem), undated [image]View item(s)

“What is Light?" Undated [image]View item(s)