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Theophilus A. Wylie papers, 1814-1992, bulk 1830-1895

Series: Box 5 Sermons, lectures and public addresses1835-1891, undated

Subseries: Box 5 By subject, 1830-1891

“Is Dueling in Any Case Justifiable?” circa 1830

("Debated at greath length by the senior class of the University of Pa")

[image]View item(s)

“The Acts of the Apostles, Part I,” 1 March 1835 [image]View item(s)

“The Acts of the Apostles, Part II,” 6 March 1835 [image]View item(s)

“The Acts of the Apostles, Part III,” 6 March 1835 [image]View item(s)

“The Acts of the Apostles, Part IV?,” March 1835? [image]View item(s)

"One More and the Last," Lecture from Philippians II 5-11, 8 July 1835 [image]View item(s)

"The Gospel of Jesus Xt, the Son of God" September 1836 [image]View item(s)

“Man a Fool: Homo Stultus, Rescribe et Iterum Utaris”, 1838 or 1839 [image]View item(s)

Anniversary Address before the Monroe County Lyceum, 1842 [image]View item(s)

“The Deity Incarnate," 7 January 1843 [image]View item(s)

Hopewell Church, 18 January 1855   [image]View item(s)

"The Planet Earth" (Lecture given at Miami University) 17 April 1855 [image]View item(s)

Untitled Sermon regarding What makes an act good?, 25 October 1858 [image]View item(s)

“Ye Are All One in Jesus”, 6 March 1859 [image]View item(s)

Untitled Sermon regarding The last supper and the betrayal of Jesus, 1860 [image]View item(s)

“Ministering Spirits," 1 January 1861 [image]View item(s)

“Verily I Say Unto You, They Have Their Reward”, 13 October 1861 [image]View item(s)

“Preach the Gospel to Every Creature”, 1862

(Folder 1) [image]View item(s)

(Folder 2) - "Presented in College Chapel" [image]View item(s)

Untitled Sermon regarding Concept of “God”,19 January 1862 [image]View item(s)

Book of Genesis, College Chapel, 16 May 1864 [image]View item(s)

“I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”, 18 December 1864 [image]View item(s)

Untitled Sermon regarding God, 4 June 1865 [image]View item(s)

Sacrament, 14 October 1865 [image]View item(s)

Untitled Sermon regarding the ministry, 22 October 1865 [image]View item(s)

Evolution, 1866 [image]View item(s)

“A Wise Man is Strong,” 27 January 1866 [image]View item(s)

Address on Optics, 21 April 1866 [image]View item(s)

Untitled Sermon regarding Proof of the divine nature of Christ, 1 December 1867 [image]View item(s)

Untitled Sermon regarding Faith, 30 May 1868 [image]View item(s)

“The Full Appearance of Faith,” 31 May 1868 [image]View item(s)

Natural and Moral Influences, 1874 [image]View item(s)

Work, 1 March 1874 [image]View item(s)

Astronomy Lecture Before the Teacher’s Institute, August 1874 [image]View item(s)

“Dr. Richard Owen’s Religious Life,” Read at Presbyterian Church, Lebanon, Indiana, 19 December 1874 [image]View item(s)

Meaning of Kindness and Humanity, 21 January 1877 [image]View item(s)

Truth, 1878 [image]View item(s)

“Books and Libraries,” 11 January 1878 [image]View item(s)

Vanity, 24 February 1878 [image]View item(s)

“A wise Man is Strong,” 18 May 1879 [image]View item(s)

“The Blessing of God,” 25 May 1879 [image]View item(s)

“Prayer," 25 January 1880 [image]View item(s)

Class lecture on sound with harmonographs, 14 February 1880 [image]View item(s)

Influences, 22 February 1880 [image]View item(s)

“Jehnism," 7 May 1880 [image]View item(s)

“How Forcible Right Word,” 25 September 1880 [image]View item(s)

Nature, 31 December 1880 [image]View item(s)

Untitled Sermon regarding Scientific Astronomy in Biblical times, 25 June 1881 [image]View item(s)

“Illusions," 17 September 1881 [image]View item(s)

Untitled Sermon regarding Interpretation of the Bible, 14 January 1883 [image]View item(s)

Jesus, 18 January 1885 [image]View item(s)

The Kingdom, 22 February 1885 [image]View item(s)

“State of the Congregation," 1886 [image]View item(s)

“Rejoice O’ Young Man in Thy Youth,” 21 February 1886 [image]View item(s)

Law of God, 19 February 1887 [image]View item(s)

“I Have Used Similitude’s,” 14 February 1888 [image]View item(s)

Interest in Your Fellow Man, 26 February 1888 [image]View item(s)

“Be Not Righteous Over Much,” 20 March 1891 [image]View item(s)

“The Air We Breath,” Undated [image]View item(s)

Box 6 “All Judah Mourned for Isaiah,” Undated [image]View item(s)

Anthropology, Undated [image]View item(s)

Deabate: “Are Theatres Beneficial? - Negative,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“Arise O’ Lord, Plead Thine Own Cause,” Psalm LXXIV: 22, Undated [image]View item(s)

“Art Thou He That Should Come See?” Undated [image]View item(s)

“Ask Now of the Days that are Past,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“Be Sober, Be Vigilant, Because Your Adversary the Devil…” Undated [image]View item(s)

“Behold My Hands and Feet,” Undated  [image]View item(s)

“Brotherhood of Man,” Fragment, Undated d [image]View item(s)

"Brotherly Kindness,” Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

"The Burning Bush," Undated [image]View item(s)

Candor, Undated [image]View item(s)

Capital Punishment, Undated [image]View item(s)

“The Charge," Undated > [image]View item(s)

“Christ the Great Subject,” Undated [image]View item(s)

The Commandments, Undated [image]View item(s)

Composition of the Body, Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

“Correction, Trials are to be Completed in the Present Life,” Undated [image]View item(s)

Creation, Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

Debate, Capital Punishment, Undated [image]View item(s)

Debate, “Is the Female Sex Equal to the Male in Intellectual Capacity?" Affirmed, Undated [image]View item(s)

Debate, "On the Emigration of the Indians to the Territory West of the Mississippi,” Undated [image]View item(s)

Debate, “Should Slavery be Wholly Abolished in The United States?- Negative," Undated [image]View item(s)

Discourse Between Philetymus and Psendocheus, Undated [image]View item(s)

Discourse on God and Nature, Undated

(Includes partial transcription)

[image]View item(s)

“The Earth is the Lords and the Fullness Thereof,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“Education," Undated [image]View item(s)

Elders, Undated [image]View item(s)

Evil Influences on the Young, Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

The Existence of God, Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

Faith, Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

“For Ye Are Brought With a Price…” Undated [image]View item(s)

“The Four Books," Undated [image]View item(s)

“Give Us Each Day Our Daily Bread,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“God is Perfect," Undated [image]View item(s)

“God of Nature and God of Revelation," Undated  [image]View item(s)

God’s Will, Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

Gravity, Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

Guidance/Faith, Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

“The Heart," Undated [image]View item(s)

“Heaven," Undated [image]View item(s)

“Heritage of the Heathen,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“How Shall I Curse When God Hath Not Cursed?” Undated [image]View item(s)

“The Humanity of Christ,” Undated [image]View item(s)

Hymn, Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

“I Believe," Undated [image]View item(s)

“Infidelity," Undated [image]View item(s)

“Inferences," Undated [image]View item(s)

Jesus, Undated [image]View item(s)

“Jesus Christ Crucified," Undated [image]View item(s)

Jesus’ Death, Undated [image]View item(s)

“Jesus the Son of Man," Undated [image]View item(s)

Job, Undated [image]View item(s)

The Judgment, Undated [image]View item(s)

Justification of Faith, Undated [image]View item(s)

Lack of Vision, Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

Lepers, Undated [image]View item(s)

“Let No Man Deceive Himself,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“The Life of Godliness, The Advantages of Godliness,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“Literal and Free Translation,” Undated [image]View item(s)

The Literal “Word” of God, Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

“The Lord Hath Done Great Things,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“The Lord’s Prayer," Undated [image]View item(s)

“Lord, What is Man That Thou Art Mindful of Him?” Undated [image]View item(s)

“Man Created in the Image of God,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“Man is Like Vanity," Undated [image]View item(s)

The Manifestation of Christ, Undated [image]View item(s)

“Martyrs and Servants," Undated [image]View item(s)

Masters and Servants, Undated [image]View item(s)

“Memory," Undated [image]View item(s)

“Motion," Undated d [image]View item(s)

“Now the Present Age, An Age of Light," Undated [image]View item(s)

“On Development," Undated [image]View item(s)

“On Miracles," Undated [image]View item(s)

“On the Comparative Demerit of Sins,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“On the Importance of Sound Principles in the Young,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“On the Superiority of Application to Genius,” Undated [image]View item(s)

Paul, Undated [image]View item(s)

“The Past,"Undated [image]View item(s)

“Prayer-Our Father Who Art in Heaven,” Undated [image]View item(s)

Profit and Loss, Undated [image]View item(s)

“The Promise," Undated [image]View item(s)

“Psalm Singing," Debate, Affirmative, Undated [image]View item(s)

“Regeneration," Undated [image]View item(s)

“Remember the Sabbath Day,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“Repentance Unto Life," Undated [image]View item(s)

Rooster Analogy to Politics, Undated [image]View item(s)

Sacred Writers, Undated [image]View item(s)

“The Shadow, The Flatterer," Undated [image]View item(s)

Slaves, Undated [image]View item(s)

“So Teach Us to Number Our Days…” Undated [image]View item(s)

“The Spectator," Undated [image]View item(s)

“Surely Each Man Walketh in Vain,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“There is a Natural Body; There is a Spiritual Body,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“Thou Shalt Not Follow a Multitude to Do Evil,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“Thou Shalt Not Kill," Undated [image]View item(s)

Time, College Chapel, "sometime in Dr. Moss' reign" [1875-1884] [image]View item(s)

The Truth, Undated [image]View item(s)

“Uninspired Psalmody," Undated [image]View item(s)

“The Unity of God," Undated [image]View item(s)

“The Wages of Sin," Undated [image]View item(s)

Walking with God, Undated [image]View item(s)

“Water," Undated [image]View item(s)

“We Are Our Brothers Keepers,” Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

“We Are Debtors to the Greeks,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“Week of Prayer," Undated [image]View item(s)

“Whence Are We," Undated [image]View item(s)

“Wherefore God Hath Highly Exalted Him,” Undated [image]View item(s)

“Wherefore I Also…,"Undated [image]View item(s)

Who Was Jude? Undated [image]View item(s)

The Wicked, Undated [image]View item(s)

The Workman, Undated [image]View item(s)

“Ye Know Not What Manner of Spirit Ye Are Of,” Undated [image]View item(s)

Zechariah, Fragment, Undated [image]View item(s)

Untitled and undated sermons regarding: [image]View item(s)

Looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our Faith [image]View item(s)

Gifts of God [image]View item(s)

The Gospel [image]View item(s)

Love of Christ [image]View item(s)

Science and Religion [image]View item(s)

Strengths and Weaknesses [image]View item(s)

Subseries: Box 6 Notes, 1891,  undated

April 1891 [image]View item(s)

Undated notes [image]View item(s)

Notes on Election, undated [image]View item(s)

Subseries: Box 6 Eulogies, 1863-1889, undated

Ballantine, Elisha, 20 April 1886 [image]View item(s)

Boisen, Anton F. E., 3 March 1872 [image]View item(s)

Bryan, Rev. John, 10 October 1887 [image]View item(s)

Dodds, Dr. and Mrs., December 1886 [image]View item(s)

Dodds, Mrs.,December 1886 [image]View item(s)

"Dr. Dodds died 2 or 3 days before his wife. Notices were given after the death of Dr. D. of his funeral. On the day before that was to take place Mrs. Dodds died, & the funeral were postponed a day, & both were buried in the same grave."

Fee, William O., January 1890 [image]View item(s)

General Eulogy, undated [image]View item(s)

Howe, Joseph M., 13 July 1886 [image]View item(s)

McDermont, Clark., 23 September 1863 [image]View item(s)

McKinley, Joseph, 29 October 1865 [image]View item(s)

McQuisten, Mary Margaret,undated [image]View item(s)

Maxwell, Jr., James D.,undated [image]View item(s)

Nutt, Cyrus, President, Indiana University, 23 August 1875 [image]View item(s)

Small, James, August 1885 [image]View item(s)

Small, Robert, undated [image]View item(s)

Woodburn, James W. (father of James A. Woodburn), 9 September 1865 [image]View item(s)

Woodburn, Martha Jane (Hemphill), 28 August 1889 [image]View item(s)

("The principal part of this was written by J.A. Woodburn copied by me (T.A.W.) with but little changes")

Woodburn, Rosanna, circa 25 August 1867 [image]View item(s)

Subseries: Box 6 Sermons Based on the Books of the Bible, 1853-1883, undated

(NOTE: This sub-series is arranged by the order in which the various books appear in the Bible. Most are undated.)

Leviticus XVII: 11 [image]View item(s)

Numbers X: 29 [image]View item(s)


XXXII: 32 [image]View item(s)

2 Chronicles XXV: 2, 26 September 1875 [image]View item(s)



VIII: 4-5 [image]View item(s)

XVI: 10-11 [image]View item(s)

XVIII: 2(?) and Proverbs XVIII: 10, 16 May 1852 [image]View item(s)

XXXIII: 13 [image]View item(s)

LXII: 11-12 [image]View item(s)

LXXIII: 23-26 [image]View item(s)

LXXVIII: 54 [image]View item(s)

CVI: 15, 30 January 1859 [image]View item(s)

CXVI: 12-14, 17, and 19 [image]View item(s)

CXLVI: 8-10 [image]View item(s)



V: 1, delivered at College Chapel 23 September 1871 [image]View item(s)

VIII: 16-18 [image]View item(s)


XLV: 22, 23 January 1859 [image]View item(s)

LV: 4 [image]View item(s)

("Monday after Sacrament")

LV: 10-11 [image]View item(s)


V: 12,17-18 [image]View item(s)

Nahum I: 7 [image]View item(s)

Malachi IV: 5-6, 16 January 1859 [image]View item(s)


IX: 16-17 [image]View item(s)

XI: 28-30 [image]View item(s)

XII: 36-37 [image]View item(s)

XII: 43-45 [image]View item(s)

XII: 48-50 [image]View item(s)

XIII: 24-30 and 37-43 [image]View item(s)

XVII: 1-8 [image]View item(s)

XVI: 13-16 [image]View item(s)

XVIII: 14 [image]View item(s)

XXI: 28-32 [image]View item(s)

XXII: 37-40 [image]View item(s)

XXV: 14, 30, 18 May 1872 [image]View item(s)

XXV: 14-30 [image]View item(s)

Mark, [image]View item(s)

XI: 12, 14, 20, and 22 [image]View item(s)

XVI: 15, 10 January 1869 [image]View item(s)


XII: 15-21 [image]View item(s)

XII: 15-21 [image]View item(s)

XII: 48, 19 December 1869 [image]View item(s)

XII: 48, 12 September 1880 [image]View item(s)

XVI: 1-16 [image]View item(s)

XVI: 11-32, June 1862 [image]View item(s)

XVII: 11-19 [image]View item(s)

XVII: 10-14 [image]View item(s)

XVIII: 10-14 [image]View item(s)

XIX: 13, 15 July 1855 [image]View item(s)


IV: 24, Presented in Church 14 May 1872 [image]View item(s)

VIII: 12,

(Folder 1) [image]View item(s)

(Folder 2) [image]View item(s)

XI: 25-26 [image]View item(s)

Box 7 Acts,

XIV: 15-17 [image]View item(s)

XVI: 30-31 [image]View item(s)

XVII: 24-25 [image]View item(s)

XXVIII: 15 [image]View item(s)


VI: 23, 21 June 1877 [image]View item(s)

X: 1-4

(Folder 1) [image]View item(s)

(Folder 2) [image]View item(s)

X: 9,

(Folder 1) [image]View item(s)

(Folder 2) [image]View item(s)

XI: 33-36

at College Chapel, 17 September 1876 [image]View item(s)

(Folder 2) [image]View item(s)

XII: 1-2, 9 July 1864 [image]View item(s)

I Corinthians,

III: 11

(Folder 1) [image]View item(s)

(Folder 2) [image]View item(s)

XIII: 12 [image]View item(s)


XV: 35, circa 29 August 1853 [image]View item(s)

(Reverse side has letter to "Mr. J. F. McCaw?")

XV: 57-58 [image]View item(s)

II Corinthians,

IV: 8, 21 November 1869 [image]View item(s)

V: 14-17, 7 October 1877 [image]View item(s)


V: 22-23, 1 June 1870 [image]View item(s)

VI: 2-6, 7 August 1864 [image]View item(s)


Colossians II: 3 [image]View item(s)

I Thessalonians,

II: 12-13 [image]View item(s)

I Timothy,

III: 15, 25 February 1865 [image]View item(s)

II Timothy III: 16 at College Chapel, 18 November 1880 [image]View item(s)


II: 10 at College Chapel, 22 October 1871 [image]View item(s)

II: 12, 5 January 1868 [image]View item(s)

II: 12-13 [image]View item(s)


II: 14-16 in Bloomington, 24 June 1855 [image]View item(s)

IV: 14-16 in Bloomington, 24 June 1855 [image]View item(s)

IV: 16 in Bloomington, 1 July 1855   [image]View item(s)

IX: 1-4 in College Chapel, 25 November 1883 [image]View item(s)

XII: 28-29 [image]View item(s)

XIII: 13, 16 [image]View item(s)

I Peter,

I: 10 in Bloomington, 20 May 1860 [image]View item(s)

II: 13-17 [image]View item(s)

III: 13-16 [image]View item(s)

III: 16-17 [image]View item(s)

III: 18-22 [image]View item(s)

IV: 12-19 [image]View item(s)

IV: 18-19 [image]View item(s)

II Peter,

II: 1-3 in Bloomington, 9 June 1861 [image]View item(s)

III: 10-12 [image]View item(s)

III: 14-15 [image]View item(s)

I John,

II: 17 at College Chapel, 8 March 1863 [image]View item(s)

Box 8 Revelation,

III: 9-10 [image]View item(s)

III: 12-13 [image]View item(s)

XIX: 6-7, Thanksgiving, 30 November 1866 [image]View item(s)

XXI: 6, 16 August 1865 [image]View item(s)

XXII: 14, 19 July 1868 [image]View item(s)