Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection
  Indiana University Archives / Digital Library Program

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The digitization and cataloging of the Charles W. Cushman Collection and the creation of this web site were funded by Indiana University and by a National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

The Trustees of Indiana University, the Indiana University Archives, and the Indiana University Digital Library Program would like to express their deep gratitude to Charles W. Cushman. It is only through his foresight in 1966 when he first discussed the possibility of making his alma mater "...the ultimate beneficiary of whatever estate I may leave upon my death" that we can even present this collection to you on the World Wide Web. The images you are viewing on this site, and the yet-to-be-digitized black and white photographs seem to have been a true labor of love for Mr. Cushman, and we hope that he would approve the ultimate manifestation of his dream.

Many thanks also go to Elizabeth Juliana Gergely Penniman Cushman who passed away on August 14, 2003. She saw to it that the images Mr. Cushman shot, his camera equipment, and some of his personal items were delivered to the Indiana University Archives.

We would like to thank Elsie Steg, Elizabeth's sister, who kindly sent to the Indiana University Archives the vast bulk of the biographical information we now have on Charles Cushman. She also sent us additional photographs of Charles as a child, and his family, as well as other personal items of Charles' including a wedding invitation for Charles and his first wife, Jean, correspondence, and a copy of the first issue of Your Money, for which Charles was the editor while working for Standard Statistics Company in 1928. These items are historically valuable to the Archives because they enable us to provide background information on Mr. Cushman, and help us know him better as a person.

In addition to the contributions to the University Archives, the Cushmans have shown great generosity to Indiana University as a whole. The School of Journalism received funds to create the Charles Weever Cushman Memorial Scholarship, which was funded through the estate of Elizabeth Cushman. In addition, they have donated objects of art to the university, including artist Jo Davidson's self-sculpture, which is housed in the Indiana University Art Museum.

Thank you to Herb Behrens and Neddra Shutts at the National Steinbeck Center for their contributions regarding genealogical information on the relationship between Jean Cushman and John Steinbeck.

Also, many thanks go to Amanda Burnham (Development Officer at the Indiana University School of Journalism) and Phillipa Guthrie (General Counsel at the Indiana University Foundation) for helping provide biographical information on the Cushmans. And to Robin Gress (Secretary to the Indiana University Board of Trustees) for her input on many of the acknowledgements found on this page.