Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection
  Indiana University Archives / Digital Library Program

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Cushman's Photographic Equipment

Back row (L to R):
1) "Baja" slide storage case, model U-200, by Barnett & Jaffe of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
2) "En Garde" leather camera bag, model E.G. 3, by Service Mfg. Co., Inc. of Yonkers, New York.
3) Camera tripod made by Wesco of San Francisco.
Middle Row (L to R):
1) "Contax" camera case by Zeiss Ikon of Stuttgart, Germany.
2) "Contax with Zeiss Lenses" camera sales brochure by Zeiss Ikon of Stuttgart, Germany.
Front Row (L to R):
1) Stack of boxes. From top down = A) Kodachrome Type A Filter, for daylight, Series VI. B) Kodachrome Haze Filter, Series VI. C) Kodak Pola-Screen, Series VI. D) Kodak Lens Hood, Series VI.
2) 135mm view finder by Komura of Japan.
3) 135mm view finder by Canon of Japan.
4) "Contax II A" camera by Zeiss Ikon of Stuttgart, Germany with "Carl Zeiss Sonnar F/1.5 50mm. (2 in.)" lens.
5) "Photrix S. S." light meter by The Hickok Elecl. Inst. Co., Cleveland, Ohio.
6) "Carl Zeiss Sonnar F/4 135mm. (5-1/4 in.)" telephoto lens and case. 

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