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Browsing Basics

Links Make It Easy
Why think up search queries, when you can simply click on links to explore the Cushman Collection! Each browse option contains a menu page, either chronologically or alphabetically organized, that you can easily scan.

Number of Results
Next to each link, you will see the number of results that will be generated. Some links will generate only a few results while others can generate thousands.

For the larger sets, keep in mind that you can always refine your browse results in the Results page by using the search box provided. Just type a new term, select the "refine search" option and click the "Go!" button.

For example, if you browse People, which has over 3,000 images, you can type "children" in the refine search box found on the Results page to see images taken only of children.

You can also use the Browse Suggestions provided to refine your result set by adding year, location, and/or genre facets.


Browse by Subject

Up to twelve subject headings could be assigned per image in the collection (~14,500 images in the collection) so we have lots of subject headings! We have incorporated the structure of the controlled vocabulary we used to assign these headings, Thesaurus of Graphical Materials I: Topical Headings (TGM I), to enhance your browsing experience.

Approximately 1,600 unique headings are used to describe the Cushman Collection. We have also added to this list of headings links to synonyms (Lead-In Terms) and links to broader concepts (Broader Terms) which generates an index of approximately 3,000 subject headings for browsing.

Example of Browse by Subject menu An A-Z navigation bar is provided to help you more easily peruse the subject headings (see example on right). Also provided on the A-Z navigation bar is a browse "All" subject headings link which is helpful for printing purposes.

The following will happen when you select a subject heading for browsing:

Automatic Retrieval of Narrower Terms
If you select a broader term when browsing, we will automatically retrieve all associated narrower terms, widening the semantic scope of your browse. For example, if you browse "sports" you will also find images of specific sports such as golf, sailing, football, etc.

Exposing Synonyms to Increase Access
If you are looking for images of automobiles, browsing the term "cars" or "automobiles" will yield the same results.

Because TGM I only designates one term per concept, and we use only that term, this automatic mapping will help ensure that your query will yield results. Whenever this mapping occurs we reveal it as (see example below): e.g. Cars [maps to automobiles] (1457)

Example of Mapping Note
To learn more about controlled vocabularies we used to catalog the Cushman collection, please visit Cataloging Information found in the Project Info section of this web site.


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