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Browsing Notebooks Basics

Cushman thoroughly documented nearly every photograph he took in notebooks, which we have digitized. There are 25 notebooks arranged roughly in chronological order available for browsing.

You will be able to page backwards and fowards through the notebooks, one page at a time. You will also be able to view rolls of images described in the notebook pages.


Browse Notebooks

Select a Notebook
Select from the list the notebook of interest. You'll see a unique notebook identification number, C213.xx, followed by the date spans as written on the cover of Cushman's notebooks (see example below).

Example of Browse Notebook menu

Understanding the Notebooks
Cushman kept rather consistent documentation of his photographs. On the top of most notebook pages, you'll see the roll number and year (e.g. 5-38) along with a note corresponding to the location(s) the photos were taken.

Then on each line, he listed the frame number and a brief description, which may or may not include camera setting information.

Cushman labeled his earlier rolls (1938-1940) with letters rather than numbers. So you may see "Film A, September 3,4 1938" noted on top of the page. We converted those alphabetical roll references to numerals so Film A, 1938 is represented as 1-38; Film B, 1938 as 2-38 and so on.

Viewing Notebooks
The first image you'll see is the notebook cover. Use the pagination links, previous (<<) and next (>>) to turn the pages of the notebook.

Viewing Rolls within Notebooks
You'll notice that most notebook pages have associated Roll Numbers linked so that you can view the images described on that page.

Please note that you may find the same Roll Number linked in different notebooks. Conversely, rolls are documented across pages so multiple roll numbers can be linked from one notebook page.


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