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Brevier Legislative Reports, Volume XXI, 1883, 311 pp.


The following described bills were introduced, read the first time and severally passed to the second reading:

By Mr. MOCK [H. R. 421] to divide the State of Indiana into Congressional Districts.

By Mr. ROBINSON [H. R. 422] to amend Section 3,704 of the Revised Statutes concerning foreign Insurance Companies.

By Mr. JEWETT [H. R. 423] to authorize the Trustees of the State Insane Asylum to donate land for the purpose of opening up streets.

By Mr. BRYANT [H. R. 424] to amend Section 34 of an act concerning drainage.

By Mr. MELLETT [H. R. 425] to amend Section 4,232 of the Revised Statutes of 1881 concerning relocation of County seats.

By Mr. WEAVER [H. R. 426] to provide the fees and salaries of County Treasurer.

By Mr. JEWETT [H. R. 427] to amend Sections 8, 29, 71 and 87 of the act dividing the State into Counties.

By Mr. NAVE [H. R. 428] to amend Sections 20 of an act concerning elections and the contest thereof.

By Mr. PETERS [H. R. 429] to appropriate money for the erection of a family building and putting in gas mains at the House of Refuge, and appropriating $20,000 therefor.