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Brevier Legislative Reports, Volume XXI, 1883, 311 pp.




SATURDAY, January 6,188310 a. m.

The LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR called the Senate to order, and directed the reading of the Secretary's minutes of yesterday's proceedings.

Mr. VOYLES moved to dispense with the readings thereof-.

After some Conversational debate across the Chamber the motion was agreed to by-yeas, 29; nays, 10.

The LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR stated that he had received a writ ten request signed by thirty-two Senators, to appoint Harry Richards as an additional page. He thought; he should not disregard the request, and in accordance therewith made the appointment indicated.


Mr. SPANN, on "behalf of a majority of the Special Committee on Rules, submitted a report signed by himself, Lieutenant Governor Hanna and Mr. Graham recommending the adoption of the rules of the last session for the government of this Senate.

Mr. BROWN presented a minority report signed by himself and Mr. Bell recommending the adoption of a resolution, that the rules of the last regular and special sessions of the Indiana Senate be adopted as the rules for the present session of the Senate, except that the words "President of the," in line 2 of rule 8 be stricken out; and tha.t rule 1 be so amended that the Senate will convene ac 10 o'clock in the forenoon and 2 o'clock in the afternoon unless the Senate shall by motion have adjourned to some other hour ap- pointed by such motion.

This minority report was substituted for the majority report.

Mr. FOULKE moved to amend the report of the Committee on Rules by adding thereto the fol- lowing: "Except rule 28 which shall be amended so as to read; 'No motion or proposition on a subject different from that under consideration snail be admitted under color of amendment.'" He said-I move the amendment on the ground that rule 28 is practically a nugatory rule as it now stands.

Mr. BROWN: It seems to me it is not necessary to adopt this amendment. I am quite willing to agree with the Senator over the way [Mr. Foulke] to strike out this rule 28. His proposition is simply to assert what is part of the lex Parliamentary everywhere, and I don't think it ought to be adopted.

The amendment [Mr. Foulke's} was rejected.

{ The report of the Committee as amended, by substituting the minority for the majority, was adopted.

Mr. BROWN offered a resolution, which was adopted, for the appointment of a Committee of two on the part of the Senate, with a like Committee on the part of the House of Representatives, to serve as a Joint Committee on Rules.

The LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR appointed Messrs. Brown and Foulke such Committee on the part of the Senate.


Mr. COMPTON moved to constitute the Standing Committees of the Senate as follows:

  • On Elections-McCullough, Bell, Fletcher, Voyles, Sayre, Spann and Lockridge.
  • On Finance-Rahm, Magee, Willard, Davidson, Smith of Delaware, Henry and Sayre
  • On Judiciary-Bell, Brown, Voyles, McCullough, Graham, Bundy and Van Vorhis.
  • On Organization of Courts-Compton, May, Faulkner, Richardson, Overstreet, Van Vorhis and Youche.
  • On Education-Johnson, Duncan, Mclntosh, Ernest, White, Bischowsky and Campbell.
  • On Corporations-Magee, Hutchinson, Null, Rahm, Graham, Overstreet and Campbell.
  • On Roads-Ernest, Johnson, Hilligas, Marvin, Ristine, Hostetter and Lockridge.
  • On Benevolent and Reformatory Institutions-Marvin, Fletcher, McClure, Bell, Spann, Ristine and Yancey.
  • On Agriculture-Davidson, Hoover, Marvin, Hill, Lockridge, Smith of Delaware and Macartney.
  • On Banks-Hutchinson, Faulkner, Benz, Johnson, Macartney, Lindley and Adkison.
  • On Public Printing-Hilligas, Howard, Duncan, Hoover, Keiser, Bischowsky and Henry
  • On Public Buildings and State Library-Willard, Smith of Jay, McClure, Hill, Adkison, Foulke and Lindley
  • On State Prisons-Benz, Hutchinson, Hoover, Null, Foulke, Campbell and Lindley.
  • On Canals, Internal Improvements and Swamp Lands-Hoover, Hutchinson, Null, Magee, Youche, Adkison and Bandy.
  • On Fees and Salaries-Voyles Howard, Brown, Richardson, Sayre, Henry, and Smith of Delaware.
  • On Claims and Expenditures-Richardson, Davidson, Duncan, May, Overstreet, Hostetter and Fleming.
  • On Military Affairs-Howard, Benz, Johnston, McIntosh, Hostetter, Henry and Van Vorhis,,
  • On Pnraseology, Titles, Arrangement of Bills and Unfinished Business-Smith of Jay, Faulkner, Willard, Ernest, Henry, Keiser and Foulke.
  • On Federal Relations and Rights and Privileges of the Inhabitants of the State-Faulkner, Hill, Marvin, Davidson, Lockridge, Youche and Fleming,
  • On Temperance-Fletcher, Compton, Johnson, Mclntosh, Ristine, Bischowsky, and Smith of Delaware.
  • On County and Township Business-Hill, McCullough, Ernest, Hilligas, Macartney, Ristine and White.
  • Public Health. Vital and other Statistics-McClure, Fletcher, Howard, Smith of Jay, Vancey, Van Vorhis and Fleming.
  • On Insurance-May, Benz, Willard, Compton, Spann, Graham and White.
  • On Railroads-Brown, Bell, Compton, Voyles, Spann, Graham, and Yancey.
  • On Mines, Mining and Manufacturing-Compton, Johnson, Rahm, Ernest, Bundy, Keiser and Lindley.
  • On Congressional Apportionment-Null, Richardson, Johnson, Hoover. Hilligas, McClure, Hill, Overstreet, Foulke, Adkison, Youche, Macartney and Van Vohis.
  • On Legislative Apportionment-Mclntosh, McCullough, Faulkner, Williard, Smith of Jay, Davidson, Null, Spann, Keiser, Lindley, Yancey, Hostetter and White.
  • On Supervision and Inspection of the Journal of the Senate-Johnson, Hutchinson, Magee, Overstreet and Youche.
  • On Executive Appointments-Duncan, Willard, Brown, McClure, Bandy, Graham and Foulke.

The motion [Mr. Compton's] was agreed to.

Mr. COMPTON" moved to reconsider the vote adopting the Standing Committees, and to lay that motion on the table.

The latter motion was agreed to.

On motion of Mr. BELL it was ordered that the rules as adopted, and the standing Committees as reported, be spread at length on the Secretary's journal of to-day.


Mr. WHITE offered a resolution for the printing of 250 copies of tue Governor's Message for the use of the Senate.

Mr. BUNDY moved to amend by increasing the number to 1,000.

The amendment was agreed to.

The resolution as amended was adopted.

Mr. BELL moved that the President nt the Senate be authorized to refer the different sections of the Governor's Message to appropriate Standing Committees of the Senate.

The motion was agreed to.


The Senate then resumed the consideration of the resolution pending at the adjournment last night, the question being on Mr. Brown's motion to reconsider the vote adopting Mr. White's resolution directing the State Librarian to furnish stationery for the use of the Senate.

Mr. BUNDY declared the State Librarian to be the person authorized by law to furnish stationery for the use of the General Assembly, and read Section 5,628 and other sections of the statutes of 1881, contending that the Bureau of Printing was required to attend to the printing, binding, etc. It has been the custom for the State Librarian to furnish the stationery for the General Assembly-last session on a resolution offered by the Senator from Allen [Mr. Bell]. The law and the precedent are both in favor of this resolution, and it ought to pass. He opposed the motion to reconsider.

Mr. BELL said it did not make a snap's difference with him who furnished the stationery, but the State has an outstanding contract made by Republican State officers, in which is included all sorts of paper, as well as engrossing paper such as is used here, inks, mucilage, etc., etc. This contract was awarded to the lowest bidder, and no doubt is at a price lower than the small quantity desired by the Senate can be now purchased. No person should be authorized to go outside and purchase for us in the face of this contract made with sworn officers of the State. The resolution should be framed so as to come under this contract in the proper and regular way.

The motion to reconsider was agreed by-yeas 25; nays 20.

Mr. BROWN moved to amend the resolution by striking out and inserting new matter requiring persons acting for the Senate to make requisitions on the Public Bureau of Printing, and all others will be unauthorized. He said he had not lost all confidence in some of the acts of the Republican party, and when it was in its full bloom and grandeur the popular representative branch of the Republican party adopted this very resolution. He proposed to accept this wise act sanctified by the act of the Republican party.

Mr. BUNDY moved, ineffectually-yeas, 20; nays 26-to lay this substitute on the table.

The substitute was agreed to and the resolution as amended, being read, was adopted without division.

And then the Senate adjourned till Monday at 10 o'clock a. m.