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Brevier Legislative Reports, Volume XXI, 1883, 311 pp.


On motion by Mr. Marvin his bill [S. 167] to define the Twentieth Judicial Circuit and creating the Forty-third Judicial Circuit [Boone County the Twentieth and Clinton County the Forty-third] was read the third time.

Mr. Mclntosh saw no necessity of making a Circuit out of these two Counties.

Mr. MARVIN, answering, read statistis of numerous Counties showing as in comparison these Counties were not asking too much-some having nine and four times the Court facilities. His people were active and energetic, which makes a difference in litigation. Those charged with crimes frequently have to lay in Jail sixty days. The Courts there are behind. It is unreasonable to expect one Court to do the business of his two thriving Counties. This change is badly needed as the business of the Courts is behind.

Mr. GRAHAM favored the passage of the bill, a number of gentlemen having represented to him the necessity of this measure, which is but granting the right the Constitution says these Counties have. The Judge of that District is one of the most industrious, and yet he is unable to transact the business of the Circuit. New Circuits are- needed in many localities-one is needed in his District-and more will be created next session.

Mr. JOHNSON referred to the Constitutional guarantee that justice shall be administered freely and without delay, which in itself is a sufficient argument in favor of the passage of this bill. If the facts are as stated there should certainly be a new Circuit created, as proposed in this bill.

Then came a recess till 2 o'clock.