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Brevier Legislative Reports, Volume XXI, 1883, 311 pp.


THURSDAY, Feb. 8,1883-10 a. m,

The Speaker pro tem (Hon. Horace Heffren) took the Chair and announced prayer by Rev. Mr. Engle.

On motion by Mr. GREEN the reading of the Clerk's minutes of yesterday's proceedings was dispensed with.

The following described bills were introduced, read the first time and severally passed to the second reading:

By Mr. BRYANT [H. R. 376] to regulate the sale of medicines and poisons.

By Mr. McMULLEN, by request, [H. R. 377] to provide for the protection of growing timber and for the appointment of a Forestry Commission.

By Mr. MOODY [H. R. 378] to amend Section 6,138 R. S. of 1881, for the government and discipline of State Prisons.

By Mr. MOODY [H. R. 379] to amend Sections 2 to 10 inclusive, of the act concerning drainage.

By Mr. MELLETT [H. R. 380] to legalize the incorporation of the Danville and Mill Creek Turnpike Company in the County of Delaware.

By Mr. ROBERTSON [H. R. 381] to fix the time of holding Court in the Forty-third Judicial Circuit.

By Mr. OILMAN [H. R. 382] to clothe Board of Trustees of incorporated towns with certain powers.

By Mr. ELEY [H. R 383] to legalize the incorporation of the town or city of Decatur.

By Mr. BRAZELTON [H. R. 384] to provide for the fees and salaries of County Treasurers.

By Mr. SMITH, of LaGrange, [H. R. 385] to amend an act fixing times of holding Courts in the Thirty-fourth Judicial Circuit.

By Mr. SMITH, of LaGrange, [H. R. 386] to provide for the transfer and recording of bill in the proper Auditor and Recorder's offices in the several Counties.

By Mr. HOWLAND [H. R. 387] to prevent the adulteration of articles of food, drink or medicine. and providing penalties for the sale thereof when so adulterated.

By Mr. HOWLAND [H. R. 388] to provide for the care and custody of orphans and abandoned children. [When a father abandons his child for one year, the mother shall have fall authority and control of her child thereafter, in the case of a boy until the age of twenty-one years, and in the case of a girl, until the age of eighteen.]

By Mr. WHITSIT [H. R. 389] to authorize cities to levy and collect special taxes for the construction of viaducts and bridges.

By Mr. WHITSIT [H. R. 390] to provide for the construction of a sewer from the female Reformatory to connect with a sewer in the city of Indianapolis [six-foot sewer to the intersection of Pogue's Run and Washington street, provided the city of Indianapolis shall extend the Washington street sewer from New Jersey street to Pogue's Run; and if it fails to do so by the time the State completes its sewer, the Governor shall have the work done by the State's contractors, and collect the cost off of the city in any Court of competent jurisdiction.]

By Mr. ADAMS [H. R. 391] to legalize assessments made on lands affected by the building and constructing of levees.

By Mr. ADAMS [H. R. 392] to amend Section 197 of an act concerning proceedings in civil cases, Approved April 7, 1881.

By Mr. STEWART [H. R. 393] to provide for the fees and salaries of County Treasurers [5 per cent. on delinquent taxes.]

By Mr. STUCKER [H. R. 394] to amend Section 268 of an act concerning proceedings in criminal cases, of April 19,1881, and to repeal Section 2,184 of the Revised Statutes of 1881.

By Mr. WILLIAMS, of Posey, [H. R. 395] to amend Section 4,421 of an act in regard to the State Board of Education concerning text books.

By Mr. GORDON [H. R. 396] for the benefit of Horticultural Societies.

By Mr. GORDON [H. R. 397] to legalize the corporation of the town of Roachdale, Putnam County.

By Mr. SHOCKNEY [H. R. 398] concerning surplus money resulting from convict labor. [To be paid into the State Treasury and known as the convict fund ]

By Mr. FRAZEE [H. R. 399] to amend Section 21 of an act to enable owners of lands to drain and reclaim the same when it can not be done without affecting the premises of others.

By. Mr. MUTZ [H. R. 400] to amend an act authorizing the appointment of students to Purdue University.

By Mr. HOLLER }H. R. 401 ] to provide fees and salaries for County Treasurers.

By Mr. PRUITT [H. R. 402] to amend Sections 1 and 3 of an act concerning the repeal of free turnpike roads and constituting Boards of County Commissioners and a Board of Turnpike Directors.

By Mr. SHIVELY [H. R. 403] to provide fees and salaries for County Treasurers.

By Mr. SHIVELY [H. R. 404] to prevent persons from voting when in a state of intoxication.

By Mr. BEESON [H. R. 405] for the relief of James McCullen.

By Mr. BEESON [H. R. 406] to provide for the purchase of librairies for the State Prisons and for the Female Reformatory.


Pending the roll call for the introduction of bills-

Mr. BOWERS presented a memorial from the Free and Equal Suffrage Society of Indiana petitioning the House to submit a Constitutional amendment granting to all persons of the desired age the right of suffrage, and asking the House to instruct our Senators and request our Representatives in Congress to use their influence for the passage of the Sixteenth amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The memorial was referred to the Special Committee on Women's Claims.


Pending the roll rail for the introduction of bills-

Mr. BARR offered a concurrent resolution instructing our Senators and requesting our Representatives In Congress to use their influence to secure the passage of a bill for extra pay for the voluntary officers of the late War.

The resolution was adopted.


Pending the roll call for the introduction of bills-

Mr. SHOCKNEY offered a resolution providing that the Committees of the House should report back all bills from the Committees in the same order in which said bills were introduced in the House.

On motion by Mr. WILLIAMS, of Knox, the resolution was laid on the table.

A PROPOSED GOVERNOR'S RESIDENCE. The Senate resolution looking to the purchase of the Furginson property for a Governor's residence, authorizing a Special Joint Committee to investigate the matter, was taken from the Speaker's table, read and adopted.

The SPEAKER appointed as members of that Committee on the part of the House Messrs. Wilson of Marion, Jewett, Frazer, Gillman, Robinson, Pruitt and Beeson.


The following described Senate bills were read the first time and severally passed to the second reading:

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The bill [S. 67] to authorize municipal corporations to invest their sinking fund in Government, State or County bonds temporarily.

The bill [S. 102] to amend the Feeble Minded Children Incorporation act.

The bill [S. 119] to amend Section 1 of an act to authorize cities and towns to issue bonds to reduce indebtedness, etc.

The bill [S. 134] to authorize cities to permit municipal taxes to be paid in installments.

The bill [S. 5] supplemental to an act concerning the publication of the Revised Statutes of 1881, was read the second time.


The joint resolution [S. 1] to authorize the Auditor of State to audit and pay certain expenses to the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the prosecution of a certain suit against Ziva F. Williams, being read the second time-

Mr. JEWETT moved the adoption of the resolution.

On motion by Mr. HEFFREN, the resolution was informally passed until to morrow.

The House took a recess till 2 o'clock,


The SPEAKER announced the special order for this hour being Mr. Stucker's bill [H. R. 186] to provide for the election of County Superintendents.

On motion by Mr. SHIVELY this bill was made the special order for Thursday at 10 o'clock.


The following described bills were read the second time and severally ordered to be engrossed for the third reading, unless otherwise stated:

a. The bills H. R. 4. 14, 23, 31, 38, 39, 48, 51, 56, 59, 61, 71, 86, 88, 93, 94, 95, 96, 102, 103, 105, 106, 107, 109, 110, 113, 115, 117, 1[?]1, 132, 134, 135, 136, 142, 149, 151, 154, 156, 157, 161 and 162.


The following House bills were read the second time and severally referred to appropriate Committees unless otherwise stated.

The bills H. R. 301 to 353 inclusive.

On motion by Mr. McCORMICK the bill [H. R. 308] to amend Sections 1 and 2 of an act to incorporate the Trustees of Hartsville Academy was considered as engrossed and passed to the third reading.

The House adjourned.