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Children sledding on campus

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A caption pasted to one copy of this image reads, in full: "Boys Enjoying the Campus in Winter".

Note: the caption noted above is very similar to the caption seen in image P0020563. Thus, it was thought that the image was shot during the same winter of the 1899-1900 school year. However, the home next to the dog's head noted below doesn't appear to have been built until 1901 so, the image seen here may be from the winter of 1901-1902

NOTE: the home directly above the head of the third boy from the right is the original Book Nook which would go into business no later than the autumn of 1907 (but maybe as early as 1904). It is clear from this image that The Book Nook sign has not been erected yet (see image P0030103) thus, this image could not have been shot after the winter of 1906-1907.

The view here is on the hill just south of Dunn Meadow and probably just north of where The Student Building is today (2016). The houses in the background are those along Indiana Avenue and at the corner of Indiana and Kirkwood avenues. In particular, the big house just to the right of the dog's head was located on the southwest corner of Indiana and Kirkwood avenues (528 East Kirkwood which later became 526 East Kirkwood). This land on which that house sits was at one time owned by W. S. Bradfute and it was he who had the house built. John L. Nichols was the architect for the house (for a better image of this house see image P0028440). The house at far right with the white pillars as part of the porch and seen just above the horse-drawn delivery wagon is the old Mr. & Mrs. T. B. Ritter house that was located on the northwest corner of Indiana and Kirkwood avenues (527 East Kirkwood). Note that while the horse mentioned can be seen, the delivery wagon can really only be seen when the high-resolution image is blown up.

According to page 2 of the July 30, 1898 edition of the Stinesville Review: "The residence of T. B. Ritter at Bloomington is completed and in a short time he will remove his family to that city."

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probably winter of 1901-1902

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Unknown Individual/s






Sleds & sleighs







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Old Crescent

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Indiana Avenue

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Kirkwood Avenue




Children on campus