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Bloomington pool

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This image shows the Bloomington Municipal Pool from the south looking toward Third Street. What is today (2015) the Allison Jukebox Center is located, but cannot be seen in this image, just to the left side of the edge of this image. The tower in the distance, just to the right of the diver's legs, is probably the First United Methodist Church located on the northeast corner of Fourth and Washington. This image scanned from the original negative found in the collection (C505) of Thomas Nesbit Mathers (AB 1936 Economics). The negative was found with three others that were all shot at the Bloomington Municipal Pool which was located at what is today (2015) Third Street Park. The other three images are P0055441, P0055442 and P0055443. The Hook's Drug Store envelope in which the four negatives were found indicates the images were shot by and/or to be picked up by "D. K. Miers | R.R. 4". This is probably Daniel Kirkwood Miers who at one point worked for the Mather's Stone Company as its Sales Agent and Treasurer. Daniel Kirkwood Miers was graduated from I.U. in 1896. Wyatt Miers was the son of Daniel Kirkwood Miers. Wyatt was a member of the swimming team at IU and appears on page 119 of the 1933 Arbutus yearbook. Thomas Nesbitt Mathers was a member of The Dolphin Club which, according to page 316 of the 1934 Arbutus yearbook, was "...organized in 1931 for the purpose of financially supporting the University swimming team." Both Thomas Nesbit Mathers and Wyatt Miers were in school together at IU and both were members of the Dolphin Club (page 316 of the 1934 Arbutus yearbook). Thus, it is likely that Daniel Kirkwood Miers shot this and the other three images, had them developed at Hook's Drug Store and then at some point either he or his son Wyatt gave the negatives to Thomas Nesbit Mathers. The blurry image is due to the original image being slightly out of focus and is not a result of the scanning process.

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circa 1934

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Miers, Daniel Kirkwood ?

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Allison - Jukebox Community Center







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Third Street Park

other place name:

Third Street

other place name:

Washington Street

other place name:

Lincoln Street

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Municipal Pool




Mathers, Thomas Nesbit


Pool Pictures - C505