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General T. A. Morris house

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Douglass' description written on envelope reads, in full: "Historical | This was one of the famous bits of residential architecture in Indianapolis 50 years ago. | Morris House | New Jersey and 12th | Sept. 1936"

NOTE: "1206" can be seen on one of the posts just above and to the right of the two girls.

See image P0037185 for more information about the home.

NOTE: Although Douglass' envelope caption states a date of September 1936, this date must be incorrect when the clothes the two girls are wearing are examined. The clothes look to be those that would have been worn within the first decade of the 20th century and not the type worn in the mid-1930s. Also, when the home, wood fence at left, the bush growing in front of the home (to the left of the porch), vines, etc. are all compared to image P0037185 we find that everything is identical and thus the two images were shot on or within days of each other. For image P0037185 Douglass' caption reads, in part: "About 1905". When that 1905 date is coupled with the clothes the girls are wearing we must assume both images were shot circa 1905.

The view here is from the north looking south along the west side of the house.

date taken:

Circa 1905

film code:

Glass-plate (no code visible)

photographer studio:

Douglass, Benjamin Wallace

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accession number:

0778 box 8

copyright owner:

Indiana University

personal name:

Morris, Thomas Armstrong

building name:

Morris House, General T. A.









other place name:

New Jersey Street (1204 North)

other place name:

Twelfth Street

other place name:

New Jersey Street (1206 North)


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