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Church Bridge

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Douglass' description written on envelope reads, in full: "Covered bridge" When this image is blown up it is possible to at least read portions of the political campaign signs. Investigation of these names may help us to more accurately date the image as well as the location of the covered bridge. Names and offices the person is running for appear to be: 1) East for Auditor. First name might be William. 2) Presley for Treasurer. 3) Hanson for Sheriff. 4) Bruner for [Treasurer ?]. A later, on-line, search of local newspapers finds that several of the names listed above were running for the office above in Monroe County between 1936-1938. According to Jeremy Ray Boshears in a February 1, 2017 e-mail to IU Archives Curator of Photograhs, Brad Cook: "This [is] the South end of the 'Church Bridge'...which was located next to the Bridge Church of Christ. This was over Bean Blossom Creek in the Lake Lemon area. There are 2 small islands near Riddle point at Lake Lemon. The bridge was just East of the islands and there was a cemetery on the Northern island and Bean Blossom creek was on the Northern edge of this island. The Bridge Church of Christ was on the Southeast corner of the bridge. The church was moved when the lake was built to Tunnel Road and is still called the “Bridge Church of Christ”. The bridge was built in 1876 and stood until 1952. It was 102 feet long and had a 5 ton load limit and was built by the Smith Bridge Company using a Smith style truss...The sycamore tree to the right is about the size of... some pics that I have dated 1940 so I would say 1937 is pretty close..." When the image seen here is compared to the image on page 46 of Bryan E. Ketcham's 1949 book titled "Covered Bridges on the Byways of Indiana", one can see the unique bend in the tree just to the right of the bridge in Ketcham's book. For a map showing the location of this bridge see image P0024048.

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circa 1937

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Glass-plate (no code visible)

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Douglass, Benjamin Wallace

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0778 box 8

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Indiana University




Covered bridges




New Unionville

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Monroe County

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Church Bridge

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Lake Lemon

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Beanblossom Creek


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