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H. H. Bartlett, Edwin Friend, and Myron Leckner

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Douglass' caption written on the negative sleeve reads, in full: "Left to Right: H. H. Bartlett, Edmund Friend (died - Titanic), Myron C. Leckner." Douglass' list of names, etc. written on the envelope was slightly off: Edmund Friend is actually Edwin William Friend who was born in Tipton, Indiana on June 15, 1886 and who died sometime after jumping from the Lusitania (not the Titanic) with his friend the architect Theodate Pope and Pope's maid Emily Robinson. Friends body was never found. It should be noted that Bartlett, Friend and Leckner all attended Shortridge High School in Indianapolis and Harvard University. The fact that Douglass has photos in his collection known to have been shot in Indianapolis suggests in all probability that this image was shot while the three were attending Shortridge High School (See also image P0020539). For two more images of Bartlett see P0037100 and P0053822.

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1904 ?

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Glass-plate (no code visible)

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Douglass, Benjamin Wallace

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Indiana University

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Bartlett, Harley Harris

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Friend, Edwin William

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Leckner, Myron Colver

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(L to R) Harley Harris Bartlett (became a member of the faculty at the University of Michigan), Edwin William Friend (who had been a member of the American Society for Psychical Research just before his death), and Myron Colver Leckner who later worked for Curtis Publishing in Boston and Chicago.

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Michigan University

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Botany Department

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Botanical Gardens at the University of Michigan

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Harvard University

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Shortridge High School

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Curtis Publishing Company

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American Society for Psychical Research


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Indianapolis ?


Indiana ?




Historical (formerly Botanical)