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Rose Acres in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

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Written on reverse side of image, in full: "Scene at Rose Acre, Pewaukee Wisconsin | Property of George Donaldson | taken on 4th October 1895 | The parties represented are | Miss Nettie Wilson | Mrs Orida Anderson | Mrs. May [M. or W.] Clark (Glengarry Bonnet.) | Owner. ([Wolp Brush]) | Miss Mary Ann Benton (in carriage) | Pug Dog (Toody) belonging | to Miss M. Brennan | Complimented to my Cousin Miss Nettie Wilson | by her 'Cousin George' | [at center bottom is a drawing of a barn that reads, in full] Barn, Stable and Hay Loft."

Also on the reverse side of this image is a return address label, in full: "Mrs. M. E. Hufford | 514 S. Woodlawn Ave. | Bloomington, Ind. 47401" Written above the label and probably in the hand of Mrs. Hufford, in full: "Rose Acres was one of several | estates Mr. Donaldson owned."

This image appears on page 19 of "A History of the Settlement & Progress of Pewaukee, Wisconsin..." (1976). The caption for this image in that work reads, in full: "Miss Mary Ann Benton waits in 1895 at Rose Acre, summer home of George Donaldson, with her best rig and team for Mr. Donaldson's guests. Miss Benton carried on the livery stable business after her father's death, meeting all trains and providing transportation about the village and countryside. The Donaldson home, later the Herman Hintz residence, is now 143 [413] High St."

Copies of materials sent to the IU Archives from the Pewaukee Historical Society have been added to this photo file. Included in the materials is a Feb. 2014 photograph of the house, a copy of a plat map showing the location of the house, a copy of the reverse side of their vintage print of the image seen here, and a June 11, 1914 newspaper article re: the passing of Sarah M. Currie, etc.

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1895 October 4

personal name:

Wilson, Nettie

personal name:

Anderson, Orida

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Clark, May

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Brush, Wolp

personal name:

Benton, Mary Ann

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Brennan, M.


Carriages & coaches









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Rose Acres

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High Street (413)




Donaldson, George


Properties - Pewaukee, Wisconsin (oversized drawer)