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Is this Bloomington, Indiana ????

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Written on original envelope, in full: "69-11-1 Clayton". The number probably indicates a date of 1969. However the "11" and the "1" probably do not indicate a month of November or January as there are still leaves on the trees. "Clayton" probably indicates Bernard Clayton, Jr. as the photographer. In 2013, one person e-mailed saying: "...I remember that the IU Radio & TV department was involved in several attempts to transmit educational classes around the state in the 1950's & 60's. The first attempt was actually by flying a WWII vintage transport over Indiana as a pre-satellite relay signal. That was replaced with the building-to-building microwave networks that this photo most likely was showing." Two people who knew IU News Bureau photographer Jerry Mitchell seemed to think that he is the person in this image.

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probably 1969

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Kodak Safety Film - Kodak Plus X Pan Film

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Clayton, Bernard, Jr. ?

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Frame 32


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Bloomington ?


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