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Herman Wells

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This portrait of Wells was shot by the OMGUS office probably for identification purposes. A November 22, 1947 OMGUS Public Information Office (Berlin, Germany) news release attached to the reverse side of this print reads, in full: "The appointment of Dr. Herman B. Wells as Special Advisor on Cultural Affairs to the Military Governor was announced today by the Office of Military Government for Germany (U.S.). Dr. Wells was graduated from the University of Indiana in 1924 with the degree of Bachelor of Science. He has also attended the Universities of Illinois and Wisconsin, and holds many honorary degrees and doctorates for his outstanding work in the fields of economics, education, and business administration. Dr. Wells was Professor of Economics, then Dean of the School of Business Administration at the University of Indiana. In 1937, he was names president of that institution and at present is on leave of absence. Dr Wells is noted for his work in organized education. He has been a chairman of the Council of American Education, President of the National Association of State Universities of America and is a member of the Board of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. In August of this year, Dr. Wells toured the American Zone of Germany at the personal invitation of General Clay. During this trip Dr. Wells visited the education offices of the Laender. As Advisor on Cultural Affairs, Dr. Wells will chiefly be concerned with coordinating the various activities of Military Goverenment in education, reorientation and cultural affairs."

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Probably 1947 November

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Office of Military Government for Germany, United States - Public Relations Office

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I 221

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Wells, Herman B

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Office of Military Government United States (OMGUS)


World War II


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Wells, Herman B


1947/1948 - Advisor on Cultural Affairs, OMGUS