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The committee met to determine how Big Ten eligibility rules would be adjusted to reflect the war plan programs that were being implemented at Indiana and other Big Ten schools in order to allow students to get their degrees faster. The War Plan allowed for students to complete coursework all year long, making the summer term a regular part of the academic calendar instead of optional, and students could get their degrees in a little under three years.

The committee decided that, come the Big Ten meeting in March, it would recommend three points: 1) to temporarily abolish the rule saying an athlete must complete at least one year of college work before being eligible to compete for any Big Ten team; 2) temporarily abolish the rule saying that an athlete can no longer compete for a Big Ten team once they have completed enough credits to earn a degree; and 3) allow for intercollegiate competition during the summer, extending the seasons of many sports to when the weather is more favorable in Bloomington.

Members of the committee not present include Lewis S. Armstrong, Leroy Sanders, Willis Coval, Herman T. Briscoe, Willard Patty, and Emeritus Members William Moenkhaus and Charles Sembower.

This image appears in the February 1946 Indiana Alumni Magazine, page 13.

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1942 February 3

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Eastman - Safety - Kodak 146

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Radtke, Herbert

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Indiana University

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Gardner, George

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Edwards, Edward Everett

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Taylor, John S.

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Gavit, Bernard C.

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Clevenger, Zora Goodwin

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Thornbury, William

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Davisson, S. C.

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Biddle, Ward G.

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Norvelle, Lee Roy

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Pike, Roy

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Brenneman, William Raymond

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Geiger, Dillon

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Hayes, E.C. "Billy"

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(Sitting, L to R) Secretary George Gardner, Professor Edward Everett Edwards, John S. Taylor, Chairman Bernard C. Gavit, Athletic Director Zora Goodwin Clevenger, Professor William Thornbury, and Emeritus member S. C. Davisson.

(Standing, L to R) Comptroller Ward G. Biddle, Professor Lee Roy Norvelle, Roy Pike, Professor William Brenneman, Dr. Dillon Geiger, and Coach E.C. "Billy" Hayes.

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Athletic Department

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Big Ten

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Athletic Committee




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