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IDS Announces the Attack on Pearl Harbor

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Headline reads, in full: "Jap Bombs Kill 350 At Pearl Harbor".

In a December 6, 1991 Indiana Daily Student article by Anthony Jewell entitled "Former editor recalls anxieties of Pearl Harbor" Winston Fournier, editor-in-chief of the IDS in the fall of 1941, recalls the printing of the paper that day. The article reads, in part:

" 'Back then, newspapers were printed by using a process known as hot type. For the proces to work, the printing plates had to be heated for at least a few hours before use.

The last time the plates at the Daily Student had been used was during the Friday night printing of Saturday's paper.

That weekend, someone forgot to turn it off, so it was still hot...if not, we couldn't have put out an Extra.'

Dec. 7 was a Sunday, which was a non-publication day, so no plates used in setting up the page had been made with the date "Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941."

Consequently, the copies of the Daily Student Pearl Harbor issue went out with the date "Saturday, Dec. 6, 1941 - Extra" printed under the nameplate.

'We had an over-the-masthead headline that said "War Declared" because Japan had obviously declared war...Of Course, we didn't declare war until the next day when the president addressed Congress.

Fournier said he knows of no other college newspaper that printed a Dec. 7, 1941, edition."

NOTE: When one compares this issue with the Satruday, December 6th issue one will see that while the front pages are obviously different, page 2 is exactly the same, with pages 3 and 4 being mostly the same with some changes.

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1941 December 7

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