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Field Test for Clarence Frazier Damron's research

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Damron used this photograph on page 101 of his PhD thesis entitled "A Possible Role for Two and Three-Dimensional Slide Images When Used with Tachistoscopic Training Techniques in Instructing High School Football Players in Recognition of Certain Fundamental Football Defenses." Damron writes on page 1 that "This study is an attempt to discover an instructional technique that can be used by football coaches in teaching offensive football players to recognize quickly the defense employed by the opponent team." Beginning on page 77 he writes "The entire football squad of the University High School...was considered as potential subjects for use in this training program..."; Page 85: "University School Administrators made available the use of a ventilated projection room with no outside windows..."; Page 87: "Carboard polaroid glassed for three-dimensional slide viewing were available at all times." Beginning on page 96 Damron describes "The Field Test" with the following: "The field test was given for the primary purpose of investigating the accuracy in which it would be possible for high school football players to recognize fundamental football defenses in a mock field situation...the test was scheduled at night due to the impossibility of darkening a gymnasium during the day time. Seating for the subjects was arranged on bleachers located on the gymnasium floor...the defenses used in testing the subjects were set up by using 11 volunteer boys from Indiana University High School...a short exposure of one second was selected arbitrarily as a time that could reasonably be thought to be sufficient for a football player to recognize a defensive pattern in an actual game situation..." Damron then goes on to explain that the defense was positioned behind a curtain that separated the uniformed players from the test subjects. The lights were then turned off, curtain moved away, and a timer turned on and then off a "Time-O-Lite" 1,000 watt photo-flood bulb. The test subjects then had three seconds to write down what they thought the defensive pattern was that they thought they saw during the one-second flash of light. This image's caption in Damron's thesis reads, in full: "Setting of Sample Defense Prior to Flashing". See also image P0035667. Damron's thesis was submitted for the Doctor of Physical Education degree with the Indiana University School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation in August 1951. The IU Libraries call number for this thesis is GV200. D166

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1951 January 18

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Kodak - Safety 458

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Photographic Services

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Indiana University

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Unknown Individual/s

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Damron, Clarence Frazier

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University School (1938)

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University School












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