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University School Crowd at Football Game

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date taken:

1954 (Fall)

film code:

Kodak - - Safety - - Film

photographer studio:

Photographic Services

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copyright owner:

Indiana University

personal name:

Terman, Jim

personal name:

Weiser, Sue

personal name:

Weiser, Steve

personal name:

McFall, Richard M.

personal name:

Ellson, Don

personal name:

Stempel, John

personal name:

Coffin, Gordon

personal name:

McClennan, Jamie

personal name:

Payne, Donna

personal name:

Stangle, Jane

personal name:

Carlson, Jean

personal name:

Richardson, John "Ollie"

personal name:

Bergevin, Julie

personal name:

Cleveland, Libra Jan

personal name:

Hensley, Tom

personal name:

Hale, Steve

personal name:

Baker, Ann

personal name:

Goby, Ann

personal name:

Woods, Woody

personal name:

Meyer, Marcia

personal name:

Shor, Terry

location of individuals:

Jim Terman is just below and slightly to the left of the pressbox with a gloved hand over his ear.

Sue Weiser is the girl at center wearing the long checkered coat.

Richard McFall is in front of Sue Weiser sharing a dark-colored blanket with a girl who is just left of Sue Weiser.

Steve Weiser is in a light-colored coat at far right. His coat collar nearly completely covers his face.

Don Ellson is standing in front of Steve Weiser and is wearing a pair of earmuffs.

John Stempel is standing just left of center very near the photographer and is wearing a tan coat and has his hands in his pockets.

Gordon Coffin is standing in front of John Stempel and is also wearing a tan coat (hands outside of pockets).

Terry Shor might be the person above Gordon Coffin and can be seen smoking a cigarette.

Jamie McClennan is in between John Stempel and Gordon Coffin, is somewhat facing the camera with hand up near face.

Donna Payne is the third person to the right of Susie Weiser, is looking toward the right side of the image and has a light-colored blanket around her.

Jane Stangle is just to right of Donna Payne, wearing a long coat with large dark button, and is wearing a handkerchief or scarf over her head.

Jean Carlson is basically directly behind Jane Stangle and seems to have a plaid blanket wrapped around her upper body and part of her head.

John "Ollie" Richardson is just above just slightly to the right of Sue Weiser. He is wearing what appears to be a dark suit coat and is sharing a blanket with Julie Bergevin who is standing on his left. The blanket is only covering his right shoulder.

Julie Bergevin is just to the right of John "Ollie" Richardson and is sharing a blanket with him.

Libra Jan Cleveland is just above and slightly to the right of Donna Payne. She is wearing a dark-colored coat, had dark hair, and is also wearing a handkerchief over her head.

Tom Hensley is below and approximately four people to the left of the press box. He is wearing a white hat that has a dark band around its bottom.

Steve Hale is the face between Tom Hensley and Jim Terman.

Ann Baker is at the far right side of the image wearing a white handkerchief.

Ann Goby is just to the left of Ann Baker with dark hair, seems to be smiling, and is wearing a somewhat dark-colored, plain handkerchief.

Woody Woods is standing beneath the press box, wearing a dark coat, just to the right of the angular support brace for the press box.

Marcia Meyer is just to the left of Steve Weiser. She is wearing a light-colored coat which has a dark collar. She seems to be looking down and is wearing a light-colored handkerchief.

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University School








Press boxes





other place name:

Univee Field




University School