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University Airport

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The airport was located on the northwest side of what would become the intersection at 10th & the Bypass. Tulip Tree Apartments is located here today (2012). The airport was privately constructed and operated by Elmer L. Burch. To see a period sketch of the airport see image P0035632.

The University School's, Univee Field, would be located at a portion of this site.

About 1/3 of the way in from the right side of this image can be seen a long, white building. Attached to the front of that building is another building that is barely visible here. These two buildings are still on site today (2012). Both are known as the Botany Greenhouse (IU building number 549) and were occupied in 1947 (NOTE: only the long, white building is a greenhouse).

The runway that runs from lower-left toward the upper-right in this photo is basically where the 45/46 Bypass is today (2012).

The farm buildings just above and slightly to the right of center are those of B. F. Rogers (See the March 22, 1959 revised version of the 1958 IUB Campus Map).

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1949 April 20

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None (No negative can be found)

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Photographic Services

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Indiana University

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University School

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University Airport

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Campus Airport







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Tenth Street

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Tenth Street & the Bypass

other place name:

Campus Airport

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Univee Field

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University Airport

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Rogers Farm, B.F.

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University School football field


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Airport (10th & the Bypass)