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Carter's Mill

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Warren Roberts' photograph of a painting of Carter's Mill. Roberts' notes that accompany this photograph appear to mostly have been taken from an interview he had with a Mr. Ralph Carter. It is assumed that Mr. Ralph Carter was the person who owned the painting seen here. The notes read, in full: "Carter's Mill. Mr. Ralph Carter - ca. 75 years old. Mackey Linscomb ran it around turn of the century. Mill built by Billy Carter, great-grandfather. Picture is painted from a photograph taken in 1897. Mr. Carter's father used to sharpen the burrs. The old road followed along the creek - it was hardly possible to drive a wagon on the road. There was a small reservoir high up on the hill where the spring came out. The water was carried to the wheel by a trough. The milling was done mostly in the spring when the water was high. Everyone raised white corn for meal. They raised a little wheat and had it ground 'for Sunday.' Mr. Carter never saw yellow corn when a boy. Water mill could [toll] 1/7 of the corn - but a steam power mill was allowed 1/6 for [toll]." Writing on the envelope in which the note was found reads, in full: "Data on Carter's Mill - near Buena Vista, Monroe County includes photos of a painting based on an old photograph." The mill sat south of West Rock East Road in Monroe County. Across West Rock East Road from the area where the mill sat was located then, and now (2012), the Hebron Baptist Church. NOTE: The area of Buenavista is located in the southwest part of Monroe County.

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Roberts, Warren

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C322 box 16

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Linscomb, Mackey

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Carter, Billy

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Carter, Ralph

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Carter's Mill

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Carter's Mill





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Monroe County

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Architecture - Mills - Monroe, County, Indiana - Carter's Mill