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The first factory-made car in Bloomington ?

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This image appears in a Feb. 5, 1971 issue of "C-T" (Bloomington Courier-Tribune?). The caption reads, in part: "This is a photo of the first automobile brought to Bloomington in 1907. The auto was a Winton, owned by J. O. Howe. In the auto are...Photo funrnished by Bob Young." A typed note that overlays the image itself reads, in full: "First Automobile Brought to Bloomington (1907). This auto was a Winton, owned by J.O. Howe. In auto, from left to right: Mrs. Lillian Howe Troutman, Mrs. Clara Polk of Vicksburgs; J. O. Howe, the owner; George Howe - - standing, Mrs. J. O. Howe; Mrs. Lancaster Polk of Vicksburg; Grace Philpott Young; Mrs. Frank Hunter of El Paso; Miss [words may cut off in image] Juliet Maxwell." This image also appears, in an article by B. W. Bradfute, in the April 19, 1946 issue of The Bloomington Evening World and Telephone. NOTE: The Indiana Daily Student for May 20, 1924 (page 4:2) has an article that says that Professor A. L. Foley of the Physics Department owned the first factory-made automobile in Bloomington. Copies of the above-mentioned articles can be found in the Indiana University Archives' reference file "Automobiles". NOTE: Indiana University's Mathers Museum has a home-built car in its collection that was reportedly owned by the same Joshua Howe and built by a local jeweler in 1884. NOTE: An article in the Bloomington Courier for August 22, 1902 reads, in part: "Prof. Arthur T. Foley, of Indiana university, arrived here Monday evening from Indianapolis with his new twn horse power, steam, covered automobile. The machine is one of the very finest of its kind and will seat six passengers comfortably, and more if crowded...The coming of another automobile now makes three machines of the kind for Bloomington."

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Probably 1903

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Eastman - Safety - Kodak 54

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Photographic Services (for copy photography)

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Howe, Joshua O.

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Troutman, Lillian Howe

personal name:

Polk, Clara

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Howe, George

personal name:

Howe, Joshua O., Mrs.

personal name:

Polk, Lancaster, Mrs.

personal name:

Young, Bert Edward, Mrs.

personal name:

Hunter, Frank, Mrs.

personal name:

Maxwell, Martha Juliette "Juliette"

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Philputt, Grace Maxwell














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