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Moses Fell Dunn or George G. Dunn, Jr. ?

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This photograph of a painting was shot in 1969. The painting currently (2014) can be viewed in the Coronation Room of the Indiana Memorial Union. The nameplate clearly reads "Mose Dunn" [Moses Fell Dunn]. However, search this collection and view image P0029219 showing an actual photograph of a man with caption written below the photograph, in full: "Geo. G. Dunn In his 45th year". That photograph of Geo. G. Dunn was obviously used to create the painting seen here. For a probable photograph of George Grundy Dunn, Jr. see image P0050088. When photographs P0029219 and P0050088 are compared there are similarities that could lead one to believe that both are George G. Dunn, Jr. However, owing to the fact that Moses and George were brothers born three years apart, it could just be that the brothers looked a great deal like each other and/or had similar features. So, which is correct? The nameplate on the painting, or the written caption below image P0029219? Additional background information: Moses Fell Dunn (1843-1915) and George Grundy Dunn, Jr. (1846-1891) were sons of George Grundy Dunn, Sr. (1812-1857). George Grundy Dunn, Sr. (1812-1857) was the son of Samuel Dunn, Jr. (1784-1849) who was the son of Samuel Dunn, Sr. (1750-1802). Samuel Dunn, Jr. (1784-1849) was the Dunn who in 1823 purchased 160 acres of land east of the downtown area of Bloomington, Indiana. On November 5, 1885 Moses Fell Dunn (1843-1915) as well as George Grundy Dunn, Jr. (1846-1891) and his wife Euphemia Riley Dunn sold the first 20 acres of land to Indiana University allowing the school to move from the old campus at Seminary Square (located at College Avenue and Second Street).

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Kodak Safety - - Film 128

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Photographic Services

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Dunn, Moses Fell

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Dunn, George Grundy, Jr.






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