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Hoagy Carmichael at the Book Nook

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This image was shot at the second incarnation of The Book Nook which was located on the southwest corner of Indiana and Kirkwood avenues. This is not the Book Nook where Hoagy Carmichael is said to have written the song "Stardust".

This image appears on page 152 of the 1935 Arbutus yearbook. The caption reads in full: "Hoagy Carmichael comes back to the Nook at Christmas."

A February 25, 1982 letter from Martin J. Schiessler (JD 1940) to Susan Hays of the IU News Bureau says the photograph was shot in June of 1939. Although Schiessler identifies where he is in the photograph, he was obviously mistaken with regards to the date. The fact that many of the men are wearing long winter-type coats and sweaters seems to suggest that this was not taken in June, and the fact that it appears in the 1935 Arbutus proves the image could not have been taken in the year of 1939.

This image also appears on page 10 of the December 1973 edition of the Indiana Alumni Magazine as well as page 24 of the April 1939 edition of the Indiana Alumni Magazine.

date taken:

1934 December

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personal name:

Carmichael, Howard Hoagland "Hoagy"

personal name:

Schiessler, Martin J.

personal name:

Stewart, Clifford

personal name:

Parks, Ross

personal name:

Costas, Peter

personal name:

Watt, Russell

personal name:

Gale, Hugo

personal name:

Howell, Jay

personal name:

Hayes, Burton

personal name:

Costas, Bill

personal name:

Bell, Fink Leland

personal name:

Stout, Bill

personal name:

George, Harold

personal name:

Barnhill, Jimmie

personal name:

Cirgin, Glen

personal name:

Parnell, Pete

personal name:

Donato, Al

location of individuals:

Hoagy Carmichael is playing the piano.

Martin J. Schiessler is above and to the right of the jug that is sitting on the piano - he is wearing eyeglasses and his face is mostly in shadow and hidden by the person (Jay Howell) in front of him.

Pete Costas is standing above and just to the left of Carmichael. He has a dark moustache.

The following names were found written on the cover of a copy of the July/August 1977 edition of the Indiana Alumni Magazine. It is unknown when or who it was that compiled by the names. They are transcribed here as they seem to appear on the cover with additional information in parenthesis found in the 1936-1937 IU Bulletin and/or the the 1936-1937 Bloomington City Directory. The magazine cover has been added to the envelope this photo is stored in.

Clifford Stewart - he is sitting on bench with Hoagy (possibly Clifford Stewart who worked for the F. B. Harris Cut Stone Company, or Clifford H. Stewart who worked for Faris Realty).

Ross Parks - he is the older looking man, wearing hat, directly above Clifford Stewart (possibly Ross D. Parks who was a teller at the Monroe County State Bank).

Russell Wyatt - he is almost directly above Hoagy's head with big smile on his face. His head two heads to the right of Peter Costas (possibly Russel Brooks Wyatt a student at IU).

Hugo Gale - he is to the right of Wyatt. He too is smiling and is looking down at Hoagy.

Jay Howell - it is his head that partly obscures that of Schiessler (possibly Jay Howell who was the fountain manager at the Hook Drug Company).

Burton Hayes - he is the first person directly to the right of the palm tree (possibly Burton Hays (without an "e" in the last name. A student at IU).

Bill Costas - he is the second person directly to the right of the palm tree (possibly William Costas a student at IU).

Fink Leland Bell - the first name was the most difficult to read and this is a best guess. He is just to the lower right of Bill Costas. He is wearing glasses and someone's hand is on his shoulder (possible Leland O. Bell who was working for the Graham Hotel Cleaners).

Bill Stout - he is directly below Bill Costas (possibly William Stout working for Aetna Life Insurance and/or William Jewell Stout a student at IU).

Harold George - he is directly below Hayes and Costas. A portion of someone's hand and arm obscure his mouth and jaw.

Jimmie Barnhill - he is standing at the piano, wearing light-colored suit, just to the right of Hoagy (possibly James A. Barnhill of the Barnhill Insurance Agency).

Glen Cirgin - he is the man in dark suit and checkered tie standing next to Barnhill (possibly Glnn L. Cirgin who was a cutter at the Bloomington Limestone Corporation).

Pete Parnell - his head is inside the piano to Hoagy's right.

Al Donato - he is seated on the stool to Hoagy's right (possibly Albert Mario Donato a student at IU).

building name:

Book Nook, The

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Book Nook, The


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Carmichael, Hoagland Howard "Hoagy"


At Second Book Nook