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Wildermuth Fieldhouse

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Some facts about the fieldhouse:
- Construction began on February 24, 1928.
- The first basketball game played here was on December 8, 1928 vs. Washington of Missouri. IU lost the game 31-30.
- The Indiana University basketball coach at this time was Everett Dean. The Athletic Director was Zora G. Clevenger, and the IU President was William Lowe Bryan.
- The fieldhouse was dedicated on December 13, 1928 with a basketball game vs. Pennsylvania which IU won 34-26.
- The last basketball game played was on February 29, 1960.
- The Fieldhouse was renamed the Ora L. Wildermuth Intramural Center on April 25, 1970.
- The architect was Robert Frost Daggett of Indianapolis.
- The General Contractor was Charles A. Pike of Bloomington.
- The First National Bank of Bloomington, and the Fletcher American National Bank of Indianapolis arranged the financing.
- Bloomington Limestone Company supplied the Ashtone limestone which was an exclusive product of that company.
- The Bedford Machine and Foundry Company furnished the steel.
- The basketball floor and bleachers were supplied by the American Portable House Corporation of Seattle, Washington.
- The electric scoreboard was installed by John H. Davis of Salem, Indiana.
- Fred W. Fenneman of Bloomington installed the plumbing and heating equipment.
- The Bloomington Radiator and Sheet Metal Works supplied the roofing, ornamental and sheet metal copper work, and ventilation.
- Used in the construction were: approximately 13,000 cubic feet of limestone; 200,000 face brick, and 670 tons of steel.
- Cost of construction was $300,000.

One of the first uses for the new structure, if not the first use, was a practice facility for the football team. At this time the fieldhouse had a dirt floor and the basketball court was portable and only installed during the basketball season.

Other users included the track and tennis teams

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Chas. Gilbert Shaw, Bloomington, Ind. ?

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Chas. Gilbert Shaw, Bloomington, Ind. ?

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Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER)

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Wildermuth Intramural Center (HPER Complex)




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Ora L. Wildermuth Intramural Center