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The 1987 football team

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Athletic Department

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Indiana University

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(Front Row, L to R) Dave Kramme, Spud Washington, Dan Stryzinski, Derrick Daniels, Eric Hickerson, Eric Moore, Joe Dedic, Kevin Kelly, Ernie Jones, Ken Allen, Van Waiters and Larry Luther. (Second Row, L to R) Andre Powell, Brian Finney, Tom Polce, Kevin Winston, Brian Dewitz, Erick Coleman, Joe Huff, Carlos Marte, Walt Harris, Jeff Fryar, Chris Simons and Brad Mitchell. (Third Row, L to R) Pete Stoyanovich, Jim Sams, Tony Buford, Darryl Eddings, Marc Ferry, Gary Gooden, Terence Saunders, Brad Shields, Dave Schnell, Gene Boyd, Darren Bush, Derrick Jackson, Andre Hall, Dan Boggan and Dan Piercy. (Fourth Row, L to R) Willie Bates, Barry Way, Tim Jorden, Joe Stebbins, Phil Neuhouser, Ron Vargo, John Folz, Doug Schlereth, Brian Hunnicut, Dan Bauer, Lance Malott, Greg Lunde and Rob Rydzewski. (Fifth Row, L to R) Joe Simmons, Nolan Harrison, Troy Mason, Troy Roberts, Dave Little, Jay Tuttle, Dirk Hines, Brian Koch, Mike Wilcox, Ken Strakis, Jeff Marx, John Koenig, Mark Newell, Rob Turner and Tom Hanson. (Sixth Row, L to R) Tom Keenoy, Jamie Pilson, Andy Mabe, Brian Gutreuter, Bill Reisert, Chris McCoy, Dave Ray, Dave Ane, Scott Boatman, Phil Trinter, Randy Schneider, Jeff Howell, Dave Easterly, Dan Spencer and Mike Brown. (Seventh Row, L to R) Markell Granderson, Chad Campbell, Sean White, Doug Bates, Trent Grant, Geoffrey Poyle, Kendrick deKoning, Tim Radtke, Don Shrader, Jack Francis, Todd Oberdorf, Bo Belden, Mark Hagen and Eddie Thomas. (Eighth Row, L to R) Mike Dumas, Anthony Thompson, Derrick Mays, Dane Kempf, Tom Weiler, Joe Ziegler, Mike Larson, Andy Imes, Scott Montoya, Tom Bolyard, Jeff Thornton, Jim Summerall and Todd Walker. (Ninth Row, L to R) Trainer Kip Smith, graduate assistant John Woleske, Don Matejko, Marc O'Malley, Tom Padgett, Christopher Hofmeier, Paul Williams, graduate assistant Andy Moeller and graduate assistant Frank Kurth. (Tenth Row, L to R) Trainer Kim Coombs, trainer Jana Nienaber, assistant coach Floyd Keith, administrative assistant Gary Smith, assistant coach Dave Petzke, assistant coach Bob Morris, assistant coach Steve Stripling, assistant coach Joe Novak, head coach Bill Mallory, assistant coach George Belu, assistant coach Andy Kincannon, assistant coach Jim Muehling, assistant coach Buck Suhr, strength director Bill Montgomery, graduate assistant Bill Piper, graduate assistant Mike Mallory and graduate assistant Tom Houts. (Back Row, L to R) Trainer Shelley Sloan, trainer Scott Hamersly, graduate assistant trainer Steve Basiel, manager Scott Bear, manager John Thomason, manager James Brothers, manager Jeff Purichia, equipment manager Warren McGuire, manager Peter Lecius, assistant equipment manager Tony Anderson, manager Curtis Brough, manager Hilary Gordon, manager Scott Kusiak, manager Ron Mendelsohn, trainer Dan Merrill, trainer Mary-Clare Brennan, trainer Peggy Kramer, trainer Ute Koester and trainer Sue Sanders.




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