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Detail of watercolor from the Pering letter

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This image is a detail from page one of the Pering letter held in the Indiana University Archives. Search the accession number 0036 to see images of all of the pages of the letter as well as details of the watercolor images. For a description of the entire letter see image P0024522. Each scene in this image has also been scanned. See the following: 1) Image at center showing the two Indiana University buildings see image P0024526l. 2) Image above the IU buildings showing the Monroe County Courthouse see image P0024525. 3) Image at upper left showing a scene on the Hudson River see image P0024527. 4) Image at upper right showing a scene on the Ohio River see image P0024529. 5) Image to the right of center showing a grog shop see image P0024524. 6) Image to the left of center showing a temperance inn see image P0024530. 7) Image at lower left showing a farm house see image P0024531. 8) Image at lower right showing Mr. Scott's brick home in Paris, Kentucky see image P0024528.

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1833 August 27

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Monroe County Courthouse (1821)






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