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First demonstration of radio at Indiana University

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This image appears on page 11 of the March 10, 1922 edition of The Indiana Alumnus. The caption reads, in part: "CLASS IN UNIVERSITY HEARS GALLI-CURCI BY WIRELESS TELEPHONE. A novel method of education in music has been introduced at Indiana University in the form of grand opera by wireless for students in the course in modern opera. Amplifying instruments have been installed at the Indiana University wireless station for receiving nightly concerts of the Chicago Grand Opera Company, and students are here shown listening to Galli Curci in a recent performance of 'Lakme.' The evening concert opened with a lecture on wireless by Dr. R. R. Ramsey...So far as known, Indiana University is the only educational institution to make this use of the wireless. The Indiana University station picks up not only the concerts by Mary Garden's opera company in Chicago, but also wireless concerts sent out from Pittsburgh, Newark, N.J., Denver, Oklahoma City, and Wichita, Kansas." Written on the reverse side of this image, in full: "This photograph was taken the evening of the first demonstration of a radio program on the campus. In Jan '21 I think it was. RR Ramsey, a pioneer in the field of radio was the demonstrator. Prof Geiger talked on the program which was coming from the station K.D.K.A. at Pittsburgh. Galli Cuchi sang in the opera 'Lackme'" (NOTE: the entire caption on the reverse side of this image is written in a standard iron-gall-type ink while the word "Lackme", apparently in the same hand, is written in green ink. This image was shot in the southwest corner room, on probably the second floor of Lindley Hall. Two African-American males (probably students) can be seen at the back of the room, far right. This image appears on page 192 of the 1922 Arbutus yearbook. The caption reads, in full: "University Radio Station For some years the physics department at Indiana has experimented with wireless sets, but not until this year has interest in radio become so active as to make the set in Science Hall a center of attraction. Wireless concerts are heard almost every evening over the University radio, which is operated under the direction of Prof. R. R. Ramsey, of the physics department."

date taken:

not after 1922 March 10

copyright owner:

Indiana University

personal name:

Ramsey, Rolla Roy

personal name:

Heighway, George F. "Dixie"

personal name:

Geiger, Dillon

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Rolla Roy Ramsey is at the extreme left. George F. "Dixie" Heighway, future secretary of the IU Alumni Association, can be seen seated in the center of the front with with his left hand on his chin. Professor Dillon Geiger's back is to the camera. He is standing in front of the table with his right hand on his hip.

building name:

Science Hall (1902)

building name:

Lindley Hall, Ernest Hiram (1902)

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Music, School of

corporate name:

Physics, Department of

corporate name:

Alumni Association, Indiana University


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