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Detail of old map showing location of Church Bridge at what is today (2017) Lake Lemon

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This image shows the location of Church Bridge where Lake Lemon is today (2017). For images of Church Bridge see image numbers P0055318 and P0055321. At the center of this image one can see the black square with cross that indicates the original location of the church known as Bridge Church of Christ which was relocated when Lake Lemon was constructed. At Bridge Church one can see, just slightly to the northeast, where the road crosses Beanblossom Creek where the covered bridge known as Church Bridge was located. The location of the cemetery, with hyphenated line with cross in the middle, to the left of the church is an island in the lake today. The island is located to the northwest of Riddle Point. When the lake was built the church and cemetery were moved to a location south of the lake on what is today Tunnel Road. The image is a scanned detail from a map held in the Indiana University Libraries. The map is the Hindustan Quadrangle of Indiana edition of 1948 with call number G4090.S24.G4 and barcode number 30000061991513.

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Bridge Church of Christ

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Bridge Church of Christ




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Monroe County

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Beanblossom Creek

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Church Bridge

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Lake Lemon


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