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Boarding House (left) and Professor's House (right)

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Northeast corner of Morton and First with the Professor's House facing Morton and this side of the Boarding House facing north. It is believed that the Professor's House was actually the first building completed on the Seminary campus. It's purpose was to house the institution's first faculty member and administrator (beyond the Board of Trustees), Baynard Rush Hall. In 1838, the Boarding House was added on to the Professor's House. The Boarding House was also Indiana University's first building whose main purpose was that of a dormitory with all of the second floor space devoted to this purpose. In 1853, some of the rooms on the second floor were rearranged to give space for The Model School. George Wright (Class of 1839) delivered a speech before the IU Alumni Association on June 11, 1889 in which he briefly lends proof that the Boarding House was used as a dormitory: "There did stand, South and West of where we are, on this campus, a very unpretentious structure - say 36x65, for which John (Gordon) Robinson made the brick - the walls constructed by my father. I recited and roomed in this building...The site was perhaps not the best, but according to tradition it had to be there in order to be near the spring, (Lowe's spring)..." The Boarding House was 70'x30' and had stairways on the outside and the inside of the structure. It was made of brick and cost $3,147. Both buildings were sold in 1858 to David E. Hunter for $1,100. Both buildings were razed in 1864. Further proof of the fact that the Boarding House was Indiana University's first dormitory: 1) See image P0030451. 2) Minutes of the IU Board of Trustees, September 27, 1838, page 18, in part: " have the building prepared for the acception [sic] of Students - and to determine the price to be paid by students for the use of the dormitories..." 3) Minutes of the IU Board of Trustees, May 5, 1840, page 67, in part: "...the Boarding House and Dwelling House have brought, and should bring, a rent to the Institution. They were rented last year for $100.--..." 4) Minutes of the IU Board of Trustees, October 1, 1840, page 86, in part: " the number of rooms desighned [sic] for students in the building, and should there not be sufficient rooms for all the students who may board with him, then other rooms in the University buildings not otherwise employed, shall be furnished the students free of rent..." 5) Minutes of the IU Board of Trustees, September 28, 1843, page 157, in part: "Mr. Owen laid before the board, a communication from certain students Therein names relative to the occupancy of the Boarding House..." 6) Minutes of the IU Board of Trustees, September 29, 1843, pages 158-159, in part: "In the above code shall be incorporated a provision that each bed room, except that in which the stairs ascend shall be occupied as the association is filled up, by two students. And also, that each student pay one dollar per session as rent...When the said Boarding House is entirely filled up as above the old building adjoining [the Professor's House] shall be granted upon the same terms..." 7) Minutes of the IU Board of Trustees, April 13, 1852, page 240, in part: "The innitiation [sic] be expended in furniture and fixtures about the house for the comfort and convenience of the club...Prof M.M. Campbell be appointed to take charge of and manage the affairs of the Club, until the next meeting of the Board, to whom, each student upon leaving, shall deliver the of his room." 8) Minutes of the IU Board of Trustees, August 3, 1853, page 275, in part: "...That the large room in the South building known as the Boarding House be occupied by the Model School. This the Committee thing may be done, without interfering with rooms for students or with the formation of the Boarding Clubs." 9) Minutes of the IU Board of Trustees, August 2, 1854, page 297, in part: "...have contracted with the present occupant James M. Beatley, to have the same the ensuing years upon the condition that he furnish good and comfortable Boarding and lodging for such number of Students as the buildings will accommodate..." 10) The "Catalogue of the Officers and Students in Indiana University: 1840-41", pages 14-15, in part: "Boarding and lodging may be had in the Boarding House belonging to the University, recently erected on the campus, at a dollar and seventy-five cents a week..."

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Circa 1840

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Professor's House (1824)

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Boarding House (1838)















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Seminary Square

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First Street

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Morton Street (originally named Railroad Street)


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Boarding House and Professor's House


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