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Kappa Alpha Nu house party

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This image scanned from page 11 of "The Story of Kappa Alpha Psi" By William Crump and C. Rodger Wilson (1972, 2nd Edition). The caption below the image reads, in full: "First Annual House Indiana University, May 19-21, 1911." An article in the May 22, 1911 edition of The Indiana Daily Student says that the party was held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. [William and Lizzie] Proffett [actual spelling seems to have been "Prophet", but at times is also spelled "Proffit"], 330 West Kirkwood Avenue. NOTE: according to the 1911-1912 Bloomington City Directory, page 152, William and Lizzie Prophet lived at 830 West Kirkwood Avenue. Also, for this general time period there does not seem to have ever been a 330 West Kirkwood. Thus, the IDS article mentioned here certainly contains a typographical error when it mentions "330" West Kirkwood. An article in the October 2, 1911 edition of The Indiana Daily Student says that Kappa Alpha Nu "...has leased the Prophet residence on West Kirkwood Avenue. The house is now being renovated...the boys are enthusiastic over the fact that they have thus become the first group of colored college men in the country occupying its own home..." Kappa Alpha Nu was formed on January 5, 1911. On January 1, 1915 the name was changed to Kappa Alpha Psi. See also: Alpha Kappa Nu. NOTE: Kappa Alpha Nu and/or Kappa Alpha Psi do not make an appearance in the Arbutus yearbooks until 1943 (pages 188-189).

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1911 May 19, 20, or 21

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Unknown Individual/s

personal name:

Diggs, Elder Watson

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Elder Watson Diggs appears to be the man seated directly behind the "DI" in the INDIANA pennant. In fact, Diggs at one time lived in the house seen here.

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Kappa Alpha Nu

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Kappa Alpha Psi






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Kirkwood Avenue (830 West)




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