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Aerial showing locations of trailer parks north of campus

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The trailer court located at upper-left at the corner of Dunn and 17th Street (just below and to the left of the football stadium) is the old Salmon's Trailer Towne (1200 North Indiana Avenue) that was owned by William and Margaret Salmon. In 1966, Mr. Salmon sold the trailer court to the Hoosier Realty Corp. of the IU Foundation. Part of this site today (2014) is the IU Credit Union. A March 9, 1966 IU News Bureau release regarding the sale notes that "The eight-acre enterprise...includes a residence, utility buildings and utility services for 100 trailers."

This is a detail from a 1949 aerial image of Bloomington that can be found on the Indiana Spatial Data Portal's Historic Bloomington Aerial Photos site here:

The specific image number at that site is 93-1949 (NOTE: the original images are housed with the Bloomington City Engineers.)

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1961 March 10

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Salmon's Trailer Towne


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Seventeenth Street

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Dunn Street

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Indiana Avenue

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Fee Lane

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Walnut Grove Street (North)

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Fess Avenue (North)

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Park Avenue (North)

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Woodlawn Avenue (North)

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Forrest Avenue (North)

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Thirteenth Street (East)

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Fourteenth Street (East)

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Fifteenth Street (East)

other place name:

Seventeenth Street (East)

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Indiana Avenue (1200 North)


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