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The Indiana Creosoting Company south of the Monon railroad yard and round house.

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This image shows the Indiana Creosoting plant on the south side of the Monon railroad yard. This image is taken from the north. West Country Club Drive is located just beyond the buildings and creosote tanks seen in the distance (South Walnut would be off to the left and South Rogers would be off to the right in this image). This site is what is today (2016) the northeast corner of West Country Club Drive and Bloomington Rail Trail. According to a patron of the Archives: "Monon Railroad Creosote Plant at south end of McDoel Yards. The camera is facing Country Club Drive. The Monon had their own creosote plant. Note the round bundles of lumber. They would stack the ties in round bales and then with an electric locomotive move the cars in and out of the retort, which is an autoclave type device that would pressure treat the ties. The cars were then removed from the retort and moved across County Club Drive to a drying yard where the ties were unloaded by hand and allowed to season prior to reloaded into gondola cars for shipment to wherever they were to be used." See also the August 1913 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map (number 23) for Bloomington, Indiana.

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1907 August or September

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Monon, The (1847 = New Albany and Salem Railroad Co.; 1859 = Louisville, New Albany and Chicago Railroad; 1897 = Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville Railway Co.)


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